Tutorials with Jest for Vue.js

Here some interesting tutorials on how to create tests with Jest: https://alexjoverm.github.io/2017/08/21/Write-the-first-Vue-js-Component-Unit-Test-in-Jest/ https://codeburst.io/a-pattern-for-mocking-and-unit-testing-vuex-actions-8f6672bdb255 https://alexjoverm.github.io/2017/09/25/Test-Methods-and-Mock-Dependencies-in-Vue-js-with-Jest/ https://forum-archive.vuejs.org/topic/3823/how-to-test-a-component-that-contains-vuex-getters/4


Monolith, Microservices, Serverless?

Here are some introduction videos on monolithic applications, microservices and the serverless idea. So, Monolith vs Microservices for everyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJkn9VHM7lc...


Quick command to stop all docker container

This is the command to use when you want to stop all your docker containers:

For Windows:



Modifications needed in .htaccess for cross domain access

You can use the following as a starting point:

X-Access-Token, X-New-Access-Token are my application headers. Source: http://www.9lessons.info/2016/05/create-token-based-restful-services.html


hapi.js – a node.js API helper

While browsing for new and exciting libraries, I have stumbled upon Hapi: https://hapijs.com/ Hapi is a node.js framework aimed at...


A first glance at Vue.js

I have started building a contacts application in Vue.js with Vuex and so far I have accoplished: setting up the...