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Edit files directly on the server

I have recently taken more interest into Ubuntu. Though Docker appears to be really useful, I thought that some on server editing would come in useful at some point. Therefore, I did some quick research and afterwards, made some decisions.
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Brackets.io – a new code editor

For a few months I have been using Brackets.io as my main editor. I currently use the following extensions: https://github.com/brackets-beautify/brackets-beautify https://github.com/kooohei/brackets-synapse https://github.com/Wikunia/brackets-FuncDocr https://github.com/lkcampbell/brackets-indent-guides https://github.com/dbratcher/brackets-jade https://github.com/bigeyex/brackets-wordhint https://github.com/louiealmeda/directory-search https://github.com/websiteduck/brackets-wdminimap or https://github.com/zorgzerg/brackets-minimap https://github.com/DimitrK/exclude-indexing-filetree
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