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mrbunnycooking.com is a cooking blog based on WordPress. Some of the modifications and features will be described below: WordPress child theme; custom css, php and javascript; custom sizes for WordPress images, automatic resize of images inside a post; usage of…

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Background slider

Below we have the code for a jQuery based background slider. No additional CSS or HTML modifications are required. The following slider creates DIV elements automatically and also resizes them to fit the window, together with preloading the necessary images.…

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jQuery Swap.js

The following is a modification of jQuery Swapsie Plugin. The mods applied allow the vertical swap between divs with different heights. Enhancements are required to allow horizontal swapping. /*!  * jQuery Swapsie Plugin  * Examples and documentation at: http://biostall.com/swap-and-re-order-divs-smoothly-using-jquery-swapsie-plugin  *…

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