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Virtualmin hosting on Ubuntu 16.04 x64

The following commands and ideas are useful in creating an Ubuntu hosting server using Virtualmin as a main administration interface.

As obvious, Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions. And lately Virtualmin has done some big steps towards looking great – and sometimes this is an important criteria in picking your hosting helper interface.

This installation – with small modifications – should soon apply to Ubuntu 18.04. Due to some changes in the new version, Virtualmin still needs to receive some updates and patches until it’ll work as expected.

Setting up your development environment on your Macbook

This article contains information about the programs that might come in useful in your day to day development. I used macOS as a destination, but I am pretty sure most of these programs have different flavours, depending on your preferred operating system. Also, it is intended to be just an enumeration of the useful technologies – a fun generic name for whatever we have on our computers – and some ideas on how to keep your work clean and safe.