Randomized news and fun facts

Saving your Windows 10 license

For quite some time now, I have been postponing the switch to some flavour of Linux on my laptop, due…

Trying the Brave browser

I have been trying the Brave browser for the two following reasons: People say it uses less resources than Chrome;It…

A Debian desktop experience

As my adventure with using Linux goes on and on, I am learning about advantages and disadvantages of distributions, desktop…

Recently updated articles

I have decided to update articles as I find out more information on matters described in my articles, instead of writing new articles. I think this approach fits the purpose of this website, even if it might not be the best way to manage and deliver new information. Should someone come back to this website to find out something about an issue or remember a solution he found here in the past, updated information will come in handy.

For a while, I will also update some of the older articles to the new blocks-oriented approach of WordPress – so some of the articles below might not have any new information.

These are some articles which have been updated lately: