A Debian desktop experience

As my adventure with using Linux goes on and on, I am learning about advantages and disadvantages of distributions, desktop…
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Password managers

Online security should be a constant concern for all internet users. One important rule is to use different passwords with…
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We like learning together.

To view more projects I have contributed to, you can check out the projects category.

Kanext – a theme for kanboard

A while back, I have started using kanboard as a personal task manager. It was a close call between it and other open source solutions…

Freenom.com API wrapper in PHP

This is a PHP wrapper class for the Freenom API. It returns information in the JSON format.

Just an admin button

This is a plugin for WordPress which disables the upper admin area in the font side and just displays a button with a link towards…


Execute multiple asynchronous functions and when they are finished execute the callback with result parameters from the functions run.


Licensing application based on Node.js and React. It manages the activation codes, clients and resellers.

Node.js parallel execution

Parallel execution of a pyton process using Node.js’s cluster module, in order to simultaneously run OCR on scanned documents. The app can be installed on…