A Debian desktop experience

As my adventure with using Linux goes on and on, I am learning about advantages and disadvantages of distributions, desktop…
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Password managers

Online security should be a constant concern for all internet users. One important rule is to use different passwords with…
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We like learning together.

To view more projects I have contributed to, you can check out the projects category.

Gaza Strip

This is a website that presents the activity of The Medical Students Society in Bucharest (SSMB), in support for the…

Fault management project

Node.js backend and Jade (Pug) frontend based on JQuery and Twitter Bootstrap for interacting with a NAGIOS server with the…

Points of interest

This proiect uses PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML and PostgreSQL


This project is a custom WordPress theme designed for presenting images. It was built after the provided design.

Freenom.com API wrapper in PHP

This is a PHP wrapper class for the Freenom API. It returns information in the JSON format.

GIS Project

Development and implementation of a Web GIS component which consumes a predefined API.