Torrents on Raspberry Pi

We will try to create a raspberry pi configuration to run (legally) torrents in your network.

A great tutorial about installing a web torrent client on Raspbian can be found here:

A nicer interface can be found at:

To install it I have entered the following commands:

  • Make the transmission’s web folder current (please double check being the the right folder):
    sudo cd /usr/share/transmission/web/
  • Remove all the existing files:
    sudo rm -rf *
  • Get the files of the kettu interface
    sudo wget
  • Unzip the downloaded archive
    sudo unzip
  • Move the files in the ./kettu-master foder to the current folder:
    sudo mv -v ./kettu-master/* ./
  • Remove the files and folders not needed:
    sudo rm -rf
    sudo rm -rf kettu-master/