Moving to Spain

After carefully evaluating my current status and taking into consideration the visits there and the friends and family I have in Spain, I have decided that it’s time for a change.

Why Spain?

Spain has a beautiful climate and friendly people.


I intend to be there this December (for future reference, the year is 2017 🙂 ).

Why me?

I have been programming for about 15 years. I started with HTML and CSS, after a while adding PHP to the combination. Meanwhile I have discovered Javascript and combined with MySQL the world of web programming became my biggest passion and after a few years, my place of work.

I have learnt a lot during the past 6 years while actually being a programmer. I have participated in important and beautiful projects (e.g. , and tried to find the right way for building websites, web applications, APIs and packages.

I’m a fluent English speaker, a friendly and responsible guy.