About myself

Here is a little bit of information about myself:


Online tests

Technologies I have touched


  • “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy, Bucharest, 2005-2009;
  • “Mihai Eminescu” National College, Bucuresti, 1997-2001, Special Math Classes.

Known languages

  • English, Advanced;
  • Spanish, Beginner;
  • French, Beginner.


My first contact with React was in mid 2016 while working on the testing component for the getmaple.ca application. The code I have written was mainly for Nightwatch.js, the End 2 End testing library chosen for it. However, at that time I started reading about it and became very fond about the way it handled stuff.

My first project started in December, 2016. It was using redux-thunk, which luckily was appropriate for the project as it was a small one. The next projects were based on redux-saga, though, as it was much more powerful.


I have built a lot of presentation and minimal functionality sites based on the WordPress platform. I love it’s user base – tutorials on how to write articles for beginners, themes and plugins.

I also like it’s ability to create new categories of information using just the existing database structure. This is an upside because you needed change the DB every time you want to change the structure of your custom entities, but also a downside which can be seen in performance, if used poorly. And the hooks approach is quite useful, once you get the hang of it.

A lot of developers turn their attention away when they hear its name, but I cannot agree. Nowadays, being a programmer is not just about the coding or the performance, but about choosing the right technology for the given project.


Node.js and Express are the new way to go on backend APIs, for projects with dedicated hosting. In my opinion, the technology is not as elaborated as PHP based coding, but over the last few years it has had a lot of traction. And the speed with which node sends responses to the interface requests is amazing, especially when coupled with database stored routines.

I have used it with NVM, NPM, Express – obviously, dotenv, nodemon, supervisor, pm2, multer, jade, socket.io and many others.

PHP Frameworks

As mentioned before in some of my posts, a few years back I attempted to build my own php framwork (http://starfish.ml/). It was a sum of all the functions and objects I had used in the past.

However, while developing it I have discovered the wonders of Composer and mature frameworks like Laravel – together with using a homestead VM – or SlimPHP. Ever since I have used them in my PHP projects.


I have chosen ubuntu server as the os to use in my virtual machines. It isn’t the most popular as privacy, nor the most secure operating system. However, I intend to advance as a software developer, not a system administrator. Therefore, what it offers is enough. I use ubuntu server in command line, but also with the help of webmin.

Final words

To sum up, the above are just a few of the technologies, libraries, platforms, packages that I have used over the years. They are common in my latest projects, so that is why they came to mind. However, I am constantly looking out for new stuff and trying to implement them in my projects.