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Completed sites, open-source contributions etc.

MacBook Pro with images of computer language codes


sync-sql is designed to make synchronous queries to the database. It has been developed as a tool to help nightwatch.js tests – or other such tools – connect directly to an sql database.

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This is a new version of the website. We have invested a lot of time not in programming per se, but in structuring the information we want to present and creating the content.

Read More is a cooking blog based on WordPress. Some of the modifications and features will be described below: WordPress child theme; custom css, php and javascript; custom sizes for WordPress images, automatic resize of images inside a post; usage of…

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verysimplecaching is a yet not-very-friendly standalone php one-file caching system. This file was created for usage with WordPress, in order to bypass the heavy MySQL queries on rather “static” websites. It is intended to be used together with WordPress Total…

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