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Hosting websites on my own VPS

This is actually an ongoing project. It started as a necessity, but with time and hosting services getting cheaper and cheaper, it advanced with curiosity. I learnt about Linux, with users and groups, services, servers, package managers. I also made…

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This was a team effort, especially under the design category. At the end, we were particularly proud of the logo and the overall simplicity and accessibility of information inside the project.

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Just an admin button

This is a plugin for WordPress which disables the upper admin area in the font side and just displays a button with a link towards the administration. Using this plugin, the preview of the website is closer to how a…

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Node.js parallel execution

Parallel execution of a python process using Node.js’s cluster module, in order to simultaneously run OCR on scanned documents. The app can be installed on multiple servers and using a centraldatabase where the jobs are stored, it can run multiple…

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Fault management project

Node.js backend and Jade (Pug) frontend based on JQuery and Twitter Bootstrap for interacting with a NAGIOS server with the purpose of monitoring the status of a network. Where Nagios isn’t available, a PING based service has been implemented.

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