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Completed sites, open-source contributions etc.

This project is a custom WordPress theme designed for presenting images. It was built after the provided design.
Read More is a cooking blog based on wordpress. Some of the modifications and features will be described below: wordpress child theme; custom css, php and javascript; custom sizes for wordpress images, automatic resize of images inside a post; usage of…
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DigitalOcean Status Monitor

The script checks if a droplet is alive by opening a specified port. If the connection is successful, then it tries to retrieve a php file which locally checks the services on the droplet (in our example, just the MySQL…
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PHP Javascript Proxy

PHP Javascript Proxy acts like a PHP proxy, expecially for avoiding javascript cross domain issues. The sources are available here:
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verysimplecaching is a yet not-very-friendly standalone php one-file caching system. This file was created for usage with WordPress, in order to bypass the heavy MySQL queries on rather “static” websites. It is intended to be used together with WordPress Total…
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Political Colours of Romania

The project offers open access in a friendly, interactive and visual way to public information regarding the spatial distribution of Romanian data sets referring to political preferences based on uni-nominal districts and 2011 national census data. Demo / Sources Further…
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Gaza Strip

This is a website that presents the activity of The Medical Students Society in Bucharest (SSMB), in support for the victims of the Gaza Strip conflict. Demo
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